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Amy B.,
Mommy Movement and Bootcamp Training Client

“In 8-weeks I went from a size 8 to a size 2.  But more than just my body changed.  I owe Jenn for changing my entire outlook.  My husband was excited to see my old shape again, but said he was even more impressed with the positive change in my attitude.  Working out and getting results just makes you feel better.

Friends, family and co-workers were shocked at how my body changed in only 8-weeks.  I had honestly given up on ever feeling  skinny  again.  I can t thank Jenn enough for changing my body with her workout knowledge and changing my mind with her encouragement and support."
Aimiee Redmann
Monthly Challenge Client

"They have really worked not just to create fabulous workouts that are fun and effective, but having them as trainers gives us all a sort of therapy that many of us need after a LONG day. 

They have fostered comradarie and a healthy sense of competition between us all.  I have NEVER laughed so hard during a workout (I think of it as extra abs) and that's really what keeps me coming back class after class.  Had I been working out with any other trainers OR group other than the dark side, a rough day may have sent me home instead of the gym, may have turned me to pizza instead of grilled chicken...I am truly grateful for my Ascension Friends.  Kudos to you guys for building a gym that is a true pleasure to be at...even when y'all are kicking my butt!"
Kate L.
Personal Training and TRX Bootcamp Client
Stephanie F.
Personal Training and MommyMovement Client
Robert P. Baker
Personal Training Client
USATF National Masters Indoor Heptathlon Champion 2010
USATF National Masters Decathlon Champion 2010
World Masters Track & Field 4 X 200 Relay Champion 2010

"The combination of Jenn's sharp intuition (in identifying areas of fitness and performance where attention was most needed) and,significant improvementsin my performance.

I improved my core strength,and sequencing of sports specific movements, reaction time and balance, all of which are importantin track and field."
Amy C.
Mommy Movement and Large Group Training Client
“In 8 weeks I got results that I couldn't even imagine were possible. It was very realistic to do as far as time and diet. I learned how to get the most out of a workout and how important it is to keep changing intensity.

After being at a 6- month plateau, I started the program and went from a full size 8 to a size 2.   I feel stronger, faster, and better about myself.

I truly thought after having my twins that I could never be where I am today, as far as fitness.of the hardest things about being a mom is trying not to lose yourself. I now feel like myself again, which in turn makes me a better mom. I am so thankful that I had the chance to do this.”
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