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Will you help me change the World?

By: Jenn Lormand ACE- CPT, BS. Exercise Physiology, Author of mommymovement: new baby. new body. new life.

Several months ago we were in mass listening to a woman talk about going down to Central America and helping families build huts.  These missionaries showed the people how to form bricks out of clay, bake them in the sun, and then use them to build their own hut.  She talked about a conversation that she had with her daughter that accompanied her on the trip.  Her daughter said, “Mom these people have nothing, and yet they complaintfreeare the happiest most grateful people I have ever met.”  The mom said, “That’s right.  When you HAVE nothing and EXPECT nothing, you APPRECIATE everything.”  That resonated so deeply with me.  I walked out of church feeling guilty.

We have so much, but always strive to attain more.  Now if you really know me, you know I’m not a stuff person.  I drive around in a 2007 dented up (but paid for) mini van, and I shop at discount stores for my clothes (because my mother taught me to never buy anything full price).  I felt guilty because I’m always looking ahead to the next thing that I need to do to hit a goal that I have set for myself, my business, and sometimes my family.  I felt guilty because at that moment I knew that I didn’t fully appreciate all that I had and all that I have done, because well…that is how my life was supposed to go.  Does this ever happen to you too?

This time of year the word gratitude gets thrown around a lot.  So much so, that I think we have become a bit de-sensitized to the true meaning of it.  The definition of Gratitude is the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. Sometimes we read that and think yep okay I’m grateful for what I have, I donate some non-perishable food to the food bank, and I give some money to local charities.  I don’t want to minimize these awesome acts of kindness because they are GREAT! But what I’m talking about goes much deeper than that.   Being thankful means ceasing to complain.  This is a challenge for many others and me.  We can sometimes get caught up in our own problems and forget that most of the problems we face are relatively small compared to what other people may be going through. So, I’m asking you to join me in a Complaint Free campaign this holiday season. I have laid out the steps to this campaign below:

Step #1 Recognize how often you do complain.  Here are a couple of mine from the past day. I’m so cold…I’m so tired….this feels so hard…I can’t do that…..this light is too long… this person is taking too long to make this U-turn….. hurry up boys we have to go!..And my list could go on and on, but I won’t bore you with all of my nagging.

Step #2 When you hear yourself complain, turn it into a statement of Gratitude.  Here is an example: “I’m so tired, but… I’m grateful that I know I have a warm bed to go home and fall asleep in.”  This is called reframing and it is very powerful.  We are all human, and yes that means that we are going to complain, but catching ourselves and turning that negative into a positive is a Game Changer!   We can create a new neural pathway in the brain and actually begin to change how we think about things. The only thing I will warn you of here, is that whatever gratitude statement you choose YOU MUST BELIEVE IT 100%.  We cannot lie to ourselves- so if your bed isn’t warm and cozy at home you will have to make a statement that is true and that you believe.  It could just be ‘I’m grateful that I’m not sleeping outside like the homeless people.’

Step #3 Share this idea with your Family and Friends.  I titled this article help me change the world, because I think small things like this create a ripple effect.  I love random acts of kindness. I love paying it forward.  But I have to say if we want to change the world, we have to create different mindsets.  When you turn on the TV, you hear about all of the scary and horrible things that are happening in the world.  I know for me, it makes me feel very small and helpless at times.  But I also know that my whole perspective can change in an instant (more to come on this thought next week).

I believe that this small but not so simple task can begin to change our lives and those around us.  I want to know if you will join me in this challenge.  Please go over to our FB page and tell us you will join our #Complainfreecampaign.  Please update us on any changes you notice within yourself and your family.  I’m hoping that this will CREATE the best Holiday season for you and yours!  I know it will be for me and my family.


About the Author – Jennifer Lormand ACE- CPT, BS. Exercise Physiology, Author of mommymovement: new baby. new body. new life.

jenn blogMy love for fitness started at an early age. Growing up with asthma, I was driven to fight through those challenges. Exercise and fitness was my avenue to diminishing my reliance on asthma medications and treatments. Fueled by my passion to help people succeed and as a graduate in Exercise Physiology with a focus on Kinesiology, I am applying my love for fitness with these sciences to develop leading-edge one-on-one and group training programs to meet the specific needs of our clients, designed to push each other physically and support emotionally the needs of clients.

One Small Change Can Change Your Life!

By: Jenn Lormand ACE- CPT, BS. Exercise Physiology, Author of mommymovement: new baby. new body. new life.

I know what you are thinking, “Jenn don’t be so dramatic!”  Well I’m really not.  One small change compounded over time can absolutely change your life!  We all know this concept but aren’t always aware of all of the small and seemingly insignificant choices we make throughout the day.   These choices can help us or hurt us.

Let me explain.  Take our 90/10 Nutritional principle that we use for example.  We know through scientific research that if you blow out 10% of your weekly meals (that’s 2 meals) that you can still not only maintain your weight but lose weight.  This is because the other 19 meals you are eating clean and healthfully staying in the calorie range that’s right for you. This consistent effort allows you to continue to lose weight.  On the flipside of that, if you consumed 150 calories more than normal every day, over the next 6 months you would gain about 8 lbs assuming that you didn’t increase your activity level any.  This is just one example of how we can use this principle to work for us or against us; hence the title of this article- One small change can change your life!

So what small change are you going to make that can change your life for the better? Is it committing to save $1.00/day? Is it tracking each penny you spend to help bring awareness to where you can save money? Is it committing to change your mind set by focusing on what you are grateful for each day and writing it down?  Is it keeping a food journal to help you lose weight or gain weight?  Is it keeping an exercise log to help you see how many minutes you are really working out?

Whatever it is I want you to commit, with me, to track one thing that can help you change your life.  When you do this every day NO MATTER WHAT- you will get the results you want …AND THEN SOME.  This is “The Secret” to success.  No…this isn’t going to be immediate gratification, it will be even BETTER.  It will be moving towards feeling AMAZING over the long-term.  It will help you realize that the true secret to success is doing the simple things consistently!

So if you are still reading this article, I am asking you to not just read this, but take action on it.  Write down these questions.

What area of your life do you want to improve? 

What is one small change that you can make that will help you get there?

Write it down and do a gut check.  If you look at your answer and think, “I’m not sure I can do that.” then go smaller.

What is one baby step that you can take towards that goal? 

You will know that you have chosen something that you can repeat consistently when you think to yourself “Is this really the little thing that I’m going to do? This feels too simple!”  If that’s what you are thinking, then you are on the right track.  Start doing that one thing every day and then as you begin to not have to think about doing it every day, and you do it automatically guess what happens?? You have created a new GOOD HABIT!

At that point repeat this process with a different action step until you have created a LIFESTYLE that supports the person you want to be!!  That’s how simple creating the life that you want can be….one small change at a time, and that is what we at Ascension Fitness are about ONE BODY. ONE LIFE. COMMIT to one small change today and MAKE IT GREAT!

About the Author – Jennifer Lormand ACE- CPT, BS. Exercise Physiology, Author of mommymovement: new baby. new body. new life.

jenn blogMy love for fitness started at an early age. Growing up with asthma, I was driven to fight through those challenges. Exercise and fitness was my avenue to diminishing my reliance on asthma medications and treatments. Fueled by my passion to help people succeed and as a graduate in Exercise Physiology with a focus on Kinesiology, I am applying my love for fitness with these sciences to develop leading-edge one-on-one and group training programs to meet the specific needs of our clients, designed to push each other physically and support emotionally the needs of clients.


Why YOU Should Detox

By Jenn Lormand ACE- CPT, BS. Exercise Physiology, Author of mommymovement: new baby. new body. new life.

Everyday our bodies are bombarded by toxins.  It’s all around us.  The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.  There are 1.2 trillion pounds of pesticides sprayed on our food every year.  389,000 miles of our rivers and streams are polluted.  Disease is on the rise like never before and yet we are more educated and have more resources than ever before.  Why are we so sick, and what can we do to stop this cycle?

When I look at these numbers I get overwhelmed.  My first thought is, “What can I do to protect my family from all of this?” I believe that the first step to find a solution is to understand what we do have control over.  We have control over our choices and actions.  We can begin to create change in ourselves, our families, and eventually our planet.  There are some simple choices that we can begin to make, on a consistent basis that will help our bodies heal itself.  My wish is that each person that reads this is motivated to make one small change to help rid their body of toxins and CREATE the happy healthy lifestyle that we all want.

The body has 7 different ways that it gets rid of the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.  They are called the 7 Channels of Elimination.

  • Skin
  • Blood
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Colon
  • Lymphatic system
  • Lungs

Another one that should be included and is just as important as the 7 listed above is our attitude and mindset.  Research has proven time and again that negativity creates disease of the mind and the body.

As I dug into this topic, I was amazed at some of the simple changes that I could make to improve the health of myself and my family and I want to share them with you.

  1. Get rid of Stress- even if we put the right things into our body, stress and hatred actually turn into acid in the body. Meditation or daily prayer help to change the chemistry in our brains, and studies show that people who do these things consistently are healthier and happier! Read more about this here
  2. Limit exposure to EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) cell phones and other electronics.
  3. MOVE – move on a consistent regular basis to increase oxygen levels in the blood to keep cells healthy
  4. Eat organic – this helps limit the amount of pesticides we ingest on a regular basis
  5. Drink alkaline water- helps keep cells in the body free from disease.  I use a product that I love in our water at home.
  6. Take a probiotic to keep healthy bacteria in the gut and strengthen the immune system.  There are many on the market.  Make sure that it is high quality probiotic that can actually withstand the gastric acid in the stomach, and make it to your colon.
  7. Use natural products on your skin (lotions and deodorant). We are a vitamin D deficient nation because we are suffocating our skin with these and not allowing the body to naturally create Vitamin D from exposure to sunlight. There have also been studies done on breast cancer survivors that link the ingredients in antiperspirants to causing breast cancer.

My passion is to help others become their best self and creating their BEST life. So I’m excited to announce that we are going to run a FREE 21 Day Detox Virtual program because I want to help as many people as possible get healthy!  If you would like to learn more about how to make simple changes in your life to CREATE maximum health benefits please reach out to me jenn@ascensionfitnessnola.com.  To register for our FREE 21 day detox please click here.

About the Author – Jennifer Lormand ACE- CPT, BS. Exercise Physiology, Author of mommymovement: new baby. new body. new life.

jenn blogMy love for fitness started at an early age. Growing up with asthma, I was driven to fight through those challenges. Exercise and fitness was my avenue to diminishing my reliance on asthma medications and treatments. Fueled by my passion to help people succeed and as a graduate in Exercise Physiology with a focus on Kinesiology, I am applying my love for fitness with these sciences to develop leading-edge one-on-one and group training programs to meet the specific needs of our clients, designed to push each other physically and support emotionally the needs of clients.



Love, Learn, and Happy Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras! What an incredible February!  Greg and I have had some ups and some downs this month.  The theme for us this month has been Love and Learn.  We discovered back in December that Cooper would need to have surgery due to the bones in his skull fusing too early.  He had that surgery this month and is doing GREAT!   This was a great reminder for us to stop and BE PRESENT with each other and with Cooper.  We LOVED on our boys and received LOVE from our family and friends and are so grateful that he is healthy and happy.


I also had the awesome opportunity to go and Hang out with some of my favorite people at our Todd Durkin Mastermind Retreat in San Diego and Learn from the best!  Our guest speaker was Wayne Cotton, one of Todd’s mentor.   Wayne truly delivered one of the most powerful talks I have ever heard.  It really changed my life and I want to pay it forward to you.  Wayne has a system for creating your Dream Life using his color coded calendar.  Go to www.nobrowndays.com to download your free color coded success calendar and learn more about Wayne.  I promise that this will change your life in terms of creating the LIFE that we want to have, and not the life that just happens to us!Mastermind

Lastly we learned how much fun it is to work out with a partner during our Couple’s Retreat workout.  Scroll down and watch some video highlights below! I haven’t laughed that much in a long time!  I hope that each of you LOVED and LEARNED a lot too this month.  Feel free to share anything that you Loved or Learned on our FB page.  We love hearing from you – whether that’s posting your Mardi Gras pictures or asking questions, please let us know how we can help you Create your Best Year Yet!

CREATE a safe and fun Mardi Gras!

Wishing you much Love and Great Health,

Jenn and Greg Lormand

Do you Fit in a Box?

By: Jennifer Lormand B.S. Exercise Physiology ACE-CPT

In January of each year I often get the same question from prospective clients.  “What kind of training do y’all do?”  My answer is, “Whatever it takes to get you to where you want to be.”  I get some strange looks when I say this.  People have become accustomed to fitness being a franchise like Curves, Jazzercise, Crossfit, and Pure Barre to name a few.  I have to explain how we actually personalize a fitness program to each person, based on their wants and needs, and some folks still don’t understand what I mean.  That is why I’m writing this article today.  I want to help people understand what we do and why we are different.

First let me say that I’m not suggesting that all of these franchises are bad.  I am suggesting that in my 19 years experience, I have found that most of the population doesn’t fit into a box.  What I mean is, each person’s body is different. When I started training and teaching in 1995, I had a dream to take a little bit of each of the things that I love about fitness and put it into one workout.  I started putting boxing, lifting weights, spinning, running, TRX, foam rolling and more into my personal training sessions with clients and they all loved it.  I would get people coming up to me saying, “You are the only trainer that I have seen doing cardio in your sessions, I love that!” This began to light a fire in my belly that I couldn’t put out.  I was going against the norm of what the typical personal training session was, and I loved it.  I began personalizing everything that I did in those sessions based on the wants and needs of my clients and we continue to do that today.  I truly believe that it is the highest honor, when people trust me with their most precious commodity- their body.  And my philosophy has always been simply the golden rule- Treat others the way that YOU want to be treated.

What I mean by that is much deeper than giving them what they want in training sessions.  It’s much more than that.  It’s about realizing that every person that walks through our door is special.  It means never saying, “I’m sorry we can’t help you.”  I can’t stand that when I’m desperate for help and I go see a professional and they say, “Well, that’s not what we do.”  I always want to be able to lead people in the right direction for the next action step they can take to create their BEST LIFE!  That means that over the last 19 years I’ve developed relationships with other trusted professionals that I refer people to and I know will take great care of them.  People like Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Internists, ENT Physicians, Cardiologists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Advanced Rolfers and more.

This is what makes us different.  We Care.  We want for each person that walks through our door, the same that we want for ourselves and our families.  We want to give them a challenging workout that is safe and effective for their goals, and what their body needs.  This is our SECRET SAUCE.  We LISTEN to the clients goals, evaluate what their body needs, and then we use all of the tools we have to attain it!  Whether it’s sprint intervals, dancing on a step or BOSU, lifting heavy weight to get stronger, doing plyometric training to burn fat, doing TRX to get a stronger CORE and improve the body’s movement patterns,  helping someone recover from a injury or limitation, or helping moms get their body back after having a baby.  We DO what they NEED.  We make it Fun. We make it Challenging.  But most importantly, we do it because it’s what feeds our soul!

So here’s what I know.  I know that there are many great places that people can go to accomplish their goals, but nowhere like Ascension Fitness.  The Passion that we have to transform people from the inside out, separates us from any other place you will go.  I have been so incredibly blessed to find amazing like-minded people to be a part of my team.    I know that my calling in life is to help people feel amazing in the skin they are in, and I know that I will give my all to continue to make that happen.  I believe that everyone deserves to be happy when they look in the mirror.   I feel grateful and blessed for all of those who have trusted me and my team to help them along their life’s journey.  I look forward to helping many more become THEIR BEST SELF.

About the Author – Jennifer Lormand ACE- CPT, BS. Exercise Physiology, Author of mommymovement: new baby. new body. new life.

jenn blogMy love for fitness started at an early age. Growing up with asthma, I was driven to fight through those challenges. Exercise and fitness was my avenue to diminishing my reliance on asthma medications and treatments. Fueled by my passion to help people succeed and as a graduate in Exercise Physiology with a focus on Kinesiology, I am applying my love for fitness with these sciences to develop leading-edge one-on-one and group training programs to meet the specific needs of our clients, designed to push each other physically and support emotionally the needs of clients.



Top 5 Things This new Mom can’t live without!

By: Jennifer Lormand ACE- CPT, BS. Exercise Physiology, Author of mommymovement: new baby. new body. new life.

It’s been 8 years since my last baby and wow have things changed!  There are so many baby products on the market that it is overwhelming. Just buying the right type of diaper let alone bottles, blankets, and pack n plays can get confusing.  While I’m sure things like the Bumbo Chair, and the cradle swings are great I never used it for my others and don’t plan on using it for Cooper. Here are my top 5 baby items that I can’t live without.

1)       Boppy Pillow.  To me this is the best investment whether you are a nursing mom or not.  It’s great to help older siblings hold the baby, feeding, propping up the baby after a feeding, and for me I use the Boppy to get Cooper to sleep each night.  After I nurse him I roll him on his side facing me and let him lay on the Boppy while I pat his bottom and get him to sleep.  He feels close to me and my arms and neck aren’t killing me from holding this big boy up. =)


2)      Rock N Play.  Okay I have to admit this is one of those things that wasn’t around when I had my other two and I really didn’t get why everyone kept telling me that I needed one but I gave in and I’m so glad that I did.  Cooper has been sleeping in this every night in our room.  What I love about it is that his head is elevated so it helps with reflux and gas, he can’t roll over so I don’t have to worry about SIDS, when he starts waking up and moving around he is literally rocking himself back to sleep, and lastly he has been sleeping through the night in it for the past week! SCORE!!


3)      Fisher Price Bouncy Chair.  They have improved the bouncy chairs since my last 2 pregnancies, and I love this one.  It vibrates, plays nature sounds or songs, and it’s wider and longer so that it accommodates bigger babies.  This is Cooper’s favorite place to take a nap at daycare and where he hangs out while I shower or when we eat dinner!


4)      Medella Pump In Style Breast Pump.  Those of you who have gone back to work while nursing know what I’m talking about.  Your breast pump is like your BFF, you don’t go anywhere without it.  I love this one because it is much smaller than it used to be and the battery adapter makes it easy to bring out anywhere and be finished in 8 minutes.

5)      Tommy Tipee Bottles.  I know it’s probably surprising that Bottles have made this list but I really like these.  With Chase and Collin we used Advent Bottles and they would constantly leak and drive us crazy plus they were more expensive than most of the other bottles out at the time.  I love these because they have an easy grip on them so it’s easy for chase and Collin to feed him, they cost less, and of course THEY DON’T LEAK!

So there you have it; my top 5 Baby Items.  In case you didn’t recognize my model for the pictures this is Cooper! He is almost 3 months old and already has his modeling career under way =) I would love to keep the conversation going and hear about your favorite baby items.  Please feel free to comment below on your top 5 picks.  Share what’s your favorite baby item and why.

Back to School- Do You Hate it or Love it?

By: Jennifer Lormand ACE- CPT, BS. Exercise Physiology, Author of mommymovement: new baby. new body. new life.

It’s that time of year again, when I look at my boys and think “Wow I can’t believe they’re going into 4th and 5th grade!   How did they grow up so fast?”  There’s a part of me that’s melancholy and wishes I can slow time down a bit, and yet there’s a voice in my head saying, “Thank God, we’ll have a regular schedule again Monday through Friday!”  As with any transition I feel like it takes a couple of weeks for everyone to get used to new bedtimes, drop off times, and of course the dreaded homework!  Here are some tips that I hope you’ll find useful to help make the transition easier:

Use a Timer.  I usually get the boys from aftercare and we walk through the door between 5:00- 5:30pm.  Because things can get a little hectic, we set a timer for 15-20 minutes and the boys have to beat the clock, where the boys can put their things away, pull out homework for me to check or help with and settle in.  I also use this “settle in” time to get dinner prepped and in the oven. The boys know that when the timer goes off it’s time to get homework finished, turn electronics off, and help set the table for dinner.

Prep for Dinner ahead of time.  One of the things I hear a lot from clients is there is no time to put a healthy dinner on the table so instead they order pizza or pick up fast food on the way home.  With a little planning your oven and crock pot can do the delivery for you.  Pull meat or seafood out of the freezer that you are going to prepare the night before so that you just have to stick it in the oven or throw on the grill.  Cut veggies one time for the week.  When you are making dinner on Sunday or Monday chop your veggies for the week it will take just a couple more minutes but save you tons of time.

Make a check list and place it by your front door.  To help ease the transition into school, create a checklist or a family calendar and post by the door.  This way you know who needs PE clothes or has soccer practice on certain days and pack accordingly.  This also helps for PTA meetings and parent travel schedules.

Make Time to Connect.  Greg and I always notice that when we are crazy busy and not connecting as a family at night because he and I have crazy work or travel schedules that the kids act out our stress.  Make time to play and talk and laugh.  I always find that taking an extra 10-15 minutes with each kid at bedtime goes a long way.  Playing a game of cards or their favorite board game also helps us connect.  I’ve learned that even if we aren’t having deep conversations with the boys, spending time with them and focusing on them lets them know that we are here and available for them and usually soothes them.

So there you have it, a few tips that have helped us cope with back to school changes over the years.   Cheers to a great school year.

Should You Go Gluten Free?

By: Jennifer Lormand BS Exercise Physiology, ACE-CPT

It’s so confusing! One day low fat is the healthiest diet, then it’s low carb, and now it’s gluten free? There are so many different viewpoints and marketing messages that it’s confusing for anyone, even if you work in this field. I find that I’m constantly doing research to stay on top of the latest trends and decide if I need to de-bunk them to my clients. My hope is that I can shed some light on the benefits of going gluten free as well as who should consider making these changes in their diet to improve their overall health.

First you are probably asking, “What is Gluten?” Gluten is a protein that is found in some grains, particularly wheat. Gluten is found in: wheat, bulgur, rye, semolina, pumpernickel, barley, faro, MSG, modified food starch, lecithin and soy sauce.

Gluten is NOT found in: rice (all varieties), buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, corn, and hominy.

So right about now I know what you’re thinking, “But I thought that switching to whole wheat and whole grain was good for me and healthy?” Yes and No. About 1 in every 133 people (15%) of the population in the US has gluten sensitivity. Although experts agree that this is only the number of reported cases and that the number is likely double that from people who aren’t aware of the sensitivity.

So how do you know if you are sensitive to gluten? Let me start by listing symptoms that you may have. Gluten in certain people causes inflammation in the gut and can cause an immune response. GI symptoms include: heartburn, bloating, gas, abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea. Other symptoms can include:

• Weight loss or gain,

• Nutritional deficiencies in vitamins and minerals,

• Aching joints

• Depression, anxiety, irritability

• Eczema or other skin rashes

• Headaches

• Low energy

• Infertility or irregular menstrual cycles

• Cramping, tingling, numbness due to low B 12

• Decline in dental health

• Asthma/ allergies

• Food cravings for sweets or baked goods

So at this point if you are like me, you are thinking: “Oh My God, I have a gluten intolerance. I have at least 3 of the symptoms listed above.” Let me say that unfortunately there are many different conditions that can cause a lot of the same symptoms as gluten intolerance. But if you do suspect that you are sensitive to gluten there are two ways you can check. First, you can choose to remove gluten from your diet to see if the symptoms reduce. Second, you can see your Doctor about performing a blood test looking for specific antibodies that show up with gluten sensitivity and if that comes back positive then your Doctor can perform an intestinal biopsy.

But before you make that decision, let’s go back and answer my original question, “Should you go Gluten Free?” My thoughts are that if you have more than 3 of the listed symptoms it won’t hurt you to see if eliminating gluten from your diet helps alleviate your symptoms. Please note that research does recommended that people with chronic conditions such as: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Tendonitis or joint pain, Celiac disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Autism, or Multiple Sclerosis should avoid gluten. Research has also proven that by removing gluten from your diet with these conditions there is a reduced rate of reported symptoms.

I will end with saying that just like any other diet modification, please keep in mind that in order to lose weight, you must always balance calories in and calories out. So make sure to exercise regularly as you make these healthy lifestyle changes!

Here We Grow Again

By: Jennifer Lormand B.S. Exercise Physiology ACE-CPT

It has been almost 8 years since I have had my last baby Collin, but we recently decided that we weren’t done yet and are excited to announce that we are pregnant again! I am 14 weeks pregnant and feeling much better now that I’m past the first trimester.  I’m not going to lie the first couple of months were rough with the nausea and vomiting. I had lost almost 10 lbs, but have no fear I’m steadily gaining weight and my belly has started to pop out in the last 2 weeks!

I am having so many different emotions right now!  We are excited, a bit scared, and overwhelmed all at the same time about having another baby.  Over time, it is easy to forget all of the things that a baby requires – the time, energy, gear, and of course, for me, the hormones!  In order to make room for the baby we have decided to add on another bedroom, a bathroom and do some other renovations to make sure that our house can accommodate everyone.  The boys finally got their own rooms last year, and to make them share a room again wouldn’t be good for anyone! At nine and almost eight years old, they are enjoying having their own space and have different interests… Collin loves all of his legos and Star wars stuff and Chase is into Music and anything Science and Art related.

As a woman’s body begins to change, something happens to you psychologically.  You begin to mourn the body that you worked so hard to get back after your other pregnancies and that little voice in your head that asks the question, “Can I get my body back again or will I be fat forever?”   I know that I can get my body back and that all will be good, but these darn hormones make me feel a little crazy. The littlest things seem to either hurt my feelings or get under my skin, like the fact that I seem to be a real chatter box this pregnancy!  I can’t seem to get that filter to turn on, you know the thing that tells you to “be quiet”, or “don’t say that because you are going on too long”!

Among all of the other common pregnancy ailments I have an umbilical hernia that will have to get repaired after I have my baby.  While this isn’t the worst thing that can happen while you are pregnant it definitely makes it challenging to be a personal trainer as I’m very limited in how much weight I can pick up for clients or demonstrate exercises.  I’m so thankful to have a great team that can help out and that I can depend on!  I’m slowly cutting back on my training hours and trying my best to respect my limitations while not losing my mind.  I’m staying focused on the fact that this is short term and that we will have a wonderful “prize” at the end – a new baby!

The great news is that I’m taking this opportunity to really focus my efforts on creating a pre-natal training program to compliment mommymovement and I’m very excited at how it is shaping up!  As you know, each pregnancy is different and it’s important to respect the limitations that each new mom faces, but studies have proven time and again that exercise is great during pregnancy.  It helps regulate hormones, allows moms to maintain muscle mass, and can prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

We are excited to see our newest addition soon and will announce the sex of the baby in a couple of weeks!  I will be blogging and posting more about pregnancy fit tips and nutrition tips on our mommymovement  Facebook page, So if you want more info go over and Like our Page.  I’m excited to be able to continue to share our journey with all of you, and the lessons learned along the way.

3 Great Moves to a Great Butt

by Jennifer Lormand B.S. Exercise Physiology ACE-CPT

It’s that time of year when you slide into your jeans and do the once over on your backside. It doesn’t matter the type of jeans, a perky backside can make the biggest difference to feeling good or great in them. So you want to look great, here are 3 of my favorite moves to help lift your backside to perky new heights.

Here’s What You Will Need:
A Swiss Ball, resistance band or for even better results a TRX

Here’s Your Home Butt Lift Remedy (The Exercises):

For each of the exercises, do a complete cycle that includes one set each. Once you complete all three sets in the cycle, repeat for a second and then a third set. Do this program for two to three days a week with at least one day of rest between each day of exercise. Ready…here we go!

1. One- Legged Squat
Use a TRX to hold onto or hook a resistance band around something sturdy, or anchored to a door. Place one foot on the floor and the other leg out in front, then keeping chest over the knee sit back 90 degrees and press through your heel to straighten leg. Repeat 10-15 repetitions on each leg to complete the set.

2. Hamstring Curl Using the Swiss Ball or TRX
Lie on your back and place your calves on the ball or place heels in your TRX with straps knee height to mid-length. Lift your hips off the floor and pull knees in towards chest keeping the hips the same height or even better, lifting the hips slightly as you pull knees in. Start out trying to do as many as you can in 30 sec and then continue to increase the time by 5-10 seconds each workout. You can also increase the challenge by starting with the ball further away from you, or if you are using a TRX moving further in front of your anchor point. When you finish your hamstring curl go right into this next move with as little rest as possible.

3. Bridge Using the Swiss Ball or TRX
Bend knees 90 degrees with feet on top of ball or heels in TRX. Lift hips straight up and down. If this move feels too intense place your legs over the ball so that your butt and backside of legs are all touching the ball as you lift and lower. For the TRX you can move further behind the anchor point, or take the legs out of the straps and place feet on the floor as you lift and lower the hips.

When you’re finished don’t forget to stretch! Here’s how:

1. Lay flat of the floor and pull your knees into your chest, then drop knees to one side and head and arms to the other side. Repeat on the other side.

2. Roll back to starting position and raise one leg up in the air, centered with your body and hold until you begin to feel the muscles release (when doing this stretch you should not be shaking or in pain) Repeat on the other side.

3. Extend the right leg up like before but place the right ankle on the left knee, then place your left hand on the outside of the left knee to protect it, with both feet off of the floor and hold, you should feel this in your outer hip. Repeat this on the other side.
As with any exercise program it’s important that you listen to your body. Getting “the sizzle” about half way through each set is normal, but pain in joints is not. If you feel low back pain, knee pain, or deep pain in the glutes you should consult your healthcare professional before continuing with the exercises. Keep in mind that these three exercises should be part of a balanced full body workout, to prevent injuries and improve performance for life!